RF Microwave Component Directory

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High power pindiode switches and limiters. Solid-state power amplifiers infrequency ranges from 2MHz-18.0GHz, output power levels ranging from 5 watts to over 30 kW.

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Switches offer over 50 types of toggle, push button, rocker, slide, tact, DIP, Dip rotary industrial controls, and Stops.

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Active and Passive Components, Cross field Amplifiers, Electron Gun / Emitters

(E-Guns), Electronic Power Conditioners (EPC’S), Inductive Output Tubes (IOT’s),

Klystrons, Magnetrons, Microwave Power Module (MPM), Propulsion Systems, Thyratrons, Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT’s), Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers, (TWTA’s).

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Highly reliable, build-to-spec, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

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DC/DC converters and modules. Space products qualified to Class K, Radiation level R & Mil outcomes to Class H.

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Attenuators, low PIM attenuators, RF Switches, Power Dividers, Terminators, Test Systems and Test Accessories.

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Has been serving the Microwave/RF components, subsystems, and SATCOM markets for over 60 years. Narda-Miteq specializes in AxCTIVE (Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators) and PASSIVE products (Couplers, power dividers, switches, attenuators, terminations). SATCOM Products, space-borne products, state-of-the-art Integrated Microwave assemblies of RF and Microwave subsystems, and custom RF and Microwave designs for super performance in the harshest, most demanding environments.

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High Q quality ceramic capacitors. Multi-layer chip, high voltage, SMPS/stacked microwave/RF, and custom products. Space & Military level. High Q chip capacitors.

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Crystal oscillators & SAW oscillators for high-reliability military, aerospace, down hole, and deep space applications. Standard clock oscillators to TA hard space-rated TCXO's, VCXO's and OCXO's.

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EMI/RFI filters and filtered interconnects, including chip filters, low pass filters, filtered arrays, filtered connectors, filtered terminal blocks, and EMC testing service.

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Switched filter banks, Cavity filters, lumped element, ceramic filters, duplexes, waveguide & tubular filters, and SAAW filters. DRO's, CRO's & VCO's Comb Generators, Synthesizers, Ultra-high linearity amplifiers. Low noise amplifiers & GPS low noise amplifiers, Phase Shifters, Multiplexers, Couplers, Switches, Thin Film. Patch antennas and assemblies, Soldier wearable antenna, RFID tag for down hole antenna arrays. Tactical Power Supply, AC & DC monitored PDU. AC&DC Rack Mounted Power Strips, Breaker, and Fuse Panels. Filter Products for Space, Defense, and wireless applications. High-pass, Low-pass, Band pass, Reject, Duplexes, Duplexes, and switch filters. 100MHx-50 GHz, stop bands to 70 GHz.

Teledyne storm micro systems

RF/Microwave coax cables, cable assemblies, and adapters through 50 GHz. Phase-matched, phase-stable, ruggedized, armored, and high-performance coax cable assemblies.

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High voltage, high-reliability cables and cable assemblies for the military, industrial, and medical markets. Single pin, multi-pin, hi/mate, sealed, etc. assemblies.

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Broad Range of standard and custom MMICs, from 1-100GHz, and an open foundry service featuring GaAs, PHEMT, and HBT.